DaqBoard, DaqBook, DaqLab, DaqScan, Personal Daq/3000, and WaveBook Series

Wide range of data acquisition boards and modules


  • Support for USB, PCI, and Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 1 MHz A/D and 16-bit resolution


Measurement Computing Corp. offers several IOtech brand DAQ products for use with the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox.

The USB Personal Daq/3000 and DaqBoard/3000USB provide up to 64SE/32DE 1 MHz analog inputs, thermocouple measurement capability, up to four 1 MHz analog outputs, and 24 digital I/O. The DaqBoard (PCI) and DaqBook (Ethernet) series products offer a 200 kHz A/D coupled with 16-bit resolution, 16SE/8DE analog inputs, up to 4 analog outputs, and 24 digital I/O. The WaveBook series offers a 1-MHz A/D in a portable Ethernet-based module.

Typical applications include manufacturing and product tests, medical instrumentation, scientific experiments, and machine automation and control.

Data Acquisition Toolbox can be used to access IOtech DAQ hardware inside the MATLAB environment. It provides a consistent interface to all supported devices and allows the user to acquire data directly into MATLAB for analysis, visualization, and modeling. The IOtech Data Acquisition Toolbox adaptor specifically supports synchronous (clocked) analog input to disk or memory, single-sample polling of analog and digital input channels, and single-sample control of analog and digital output channels.

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  • Data Acquisition Systems
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