Third-Party Access for Collaborative Research in Academia

Provide MATLAB access to academic collaborators outside of your organization

Academic organizations and top research centers can provide access to MATLAB®, MATLAB Parallel Server™, and other add-on products to professors, students and academic researchers outside of your institution. Once your academic collaborators are provided credentials to access your infrastructure, they can use MATLAB. The availability of MATLAB fosters research collaborations and joint research initiatives spanning multiple institutions.

Over the course of these research projects, everyone on the team – members in your organization and academic collaborators from other organizations – can access MATLAB for prototyping ideas and analyzing centrally located datasets. Your collaborators can also run compute-intensive applications on your clusters by leveraging the unlimited scaling options provided by MATLAB Parallel Server.

Research centers and high-performance computing (HPC) centers at your institutions can extend MATLAB access to communities of academic collaborators without the additional overhead and complexity involved in the traditional bring-your-own-license approaches.