MATLAB and Simulink Based Books

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Modeling in the Frequency Domain
  3. Modeling in the Time Domain
  4. Time Response
  5. Reduction of Multiple Subsystems
  6. Stability
  7. Steady-State Errors
  8. Root Locus Techniques
  9. Design via Root Locus
  10. Frequency Response Techniques
  11. Design via Frequency Response
  12. Design via State Space
  13. Digital Control Systems
  • Appendix A1: List of Symbols
  • Appendix A2: Antenna Azimuth Position Control System
  • Appendix A3: Unmanned Free-Swimming Submersible Vehicle
  • Appendix A4: Key Equations
  • Appendix B: MATLAB Tutorial
  • Appendix C: Simulink Tutorial
  • Appendix D: LabVIEW Tutorial
  • Appendix E: MATLAB’s GUI Tools Tutorial
  • Appendix F: Symbolic Math Toolbox Tutorial
  • Appendix G: Matrices, Determinants, and Systems of Equations
  • Appendix H: Control System Computational Aids
  • Appendix I: Derivation of a Schematic for a DC Motor
  • Appendix J: Derivation of the Time Domain Solution of State Equations
  • Appendix K: Solution of State Equations for a Different Initial Time
  • Appendix L: Derivation of Similarity Transformations
  • Appendix M: Root Locus Rules: Derivations

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