Airbus Defence and Space Establishes Framework for Digital Twin Aircraft

“We have a 3D virtual aircraft model in which we can inject a fault and see all the affected elements as they would appear in the real aircraft, and behind this there is Simulink running hundreds of equations and making everything work.”

Key Outcomes

  • Saved time by automatically generating processes such as wire naming
  • Used a common framework to develop an end-to-end traceability
  • Explored the effects of faults during simulation in real time
  • Automatically generated tests to compare virtual model against real model

Airbus Defence and Space is fully immersed in the digital transformation. Following the Model-Based System Engineering methodology, Airbus aims to generate a digital twin aircraft for the A330 MRTT project. This process consists of digitizing the requirements, functionalities, and design at all levels—conceptual, detailed design, manufacturing, verification, and customer support—and enabling end-to-end traceability that goes both ways, from requirements to element and from element to requirements.

Airbus Defence and Space to establish a common framework based on four fundamental pillars: requirements, model, simulation, and traceability.