Hardware Support

g.tec Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox

Create your own waveforms, measurement and analysis routines, and applications for g.tec hardware using MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox.

Note: Beginning with R2016a, MATLAB is no longer available on 32-bit systems. Because the existing adapters for g.tec data acquisition hardware are 32-bit only, this hardware is currently only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox R2015b and earlier. For a list of supported data acquisition hardware, see Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox.

Guger Technologies (g.tec) manufactures high accuracy biosignal amplifier and acquisition/processing systems and multimodal biosignal data recorders. Use MATLAB® as your single software environment to create your own waveforms, measurement and analysis routines, and automated instrument applications for g.tec hardware.

MATLAB supports g.tec hardware through Data Acquisition Toolbox™. Specifically, it supports this hardware by downloading and using an adaptor API for the g.MOBIlab+ or g.USBamp hardware available directly from g.tec. This g.tec hardware can also be used from Simulink® using the Data Acquisition Toolbox to incorporate live data into your Simulink models.

With g.tec hardware support, you can perform the following tasks in MATLAB or Simulink:

  • Acquire data from all analog input channels
  • Control and generate data from analog output channels
  • Control the digital I/O channels
  • Configure the sampling rate of the DAQ hardware
  • Trigger the start of your data acquisition
  • Find and display the device settings

Platform and Release Support

Using MATLAB or Simulink with g.tec hardware requires installing the 32-bit version of MATLAB whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows® machine. The 32-bit version of MATLAB can be installed on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

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