Biosignal Amplifiers for MATLAB and Simulink

Real-time biosignal data acquisition from MATLAB and Simulink


  • EEG-, EMG-, EOG-, ECG-amplifier systems
  • 2 to 16 bipolar/unipolar channels per amplifier system
  • User selectable filter and sensitivity settings
  • g.USBamp - High-end 24 bit Biosignal Amplifier for USB 2.0
  • g.MOBIlab+ - Mobile Biosignal Acquisition and Feedback for the Pocket PC
  • g.BSamp - Stand-alone Biosignal Amplifier System


g.USBamp is g.tec's 24 bit biosignal acquisition device - records multimodal biosignal data with highest quality. This allows investigating brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response and other body signals. The amplifier is simply connected to the USB 2.0 port on your PC/notebook and can immediately be used for data recording. g.USBamp allows users to sample up to 16 simultaneous biosignal channels. In addition, the user can combine multiple amplifiers for applications requiring more than 16 channels.

g.MOBIlab+ is g.tec’s portable biosignal acquisition system for recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard Pocket PC, PC or notebook. g.MOBIlab+ comes with 4 EEG/EOG, 2 ECG/EMG channels and 2 analog inputs which can be utilized for other sensors and 4 digital channels. A large range electrodes are available. g.MOBIlab+ is fully battery supplied and operates up to 170 hours (i.e. about 1 week). The device works with a standard serial interface or USB interface of your computer.

g.BSamp is a basic signal-conditioning element to establish biosignal data acquisition.Its user-selectable multi-channel modules allow the simultaneous recording of EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG. The stand-alone amplifier system can be equipped with 8 or 16 channels or it can be stacked to have a 32–, 48–, or 64–channel system. The modules are designed with bipolar inputs in order to perform not only referenced recordings, but also true bipolar recordings and analyses. Filter, sensitivity and notch settings are user–selectable and due to its battery supply g.BSamp is fully portable, with an operation time of 8–10 hours in the field.

With the g.tec Biosignal Amplifiers for MATLAB or Simulink, users can acquire high quality data in a variety of settings, either in the lab or in the field. g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ use g.tec's device driver for the MathWorks' Data Acquisition Toolbox to bring data directly into MATLAB and Simulink. Users can also analyze data with g.BSanalyze, toolbox for advanced biosignal processing and analyses.

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