Climate Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink

Researchers and developers worldwide are analyzing trends and designing solutions in response to climate change. View their work, including clean energy products, scientific papers, and financial models.

Green Technology

Green Technology

Rolls-Royce Pathway to Net Zero (17:45)

Jonathan Cooper, MATLAB Expo, May 2022

Climate Science


Arctic Ocean Amplification in a warming climate in CMIP6 models

Qi Shu et al., Science Advances, August 12 2022
paper and code

Climate Science

Antarctic calving loss rivals ice-shelf thinning

Chad Greene et al., Nature, August 10 2022
paper and code

Climate effects on archaic human habitats and species successions

Axel Timmermann et al., Nature Communications, April 13 2022

Validation of tsunami design guidelines for coastal bridges

Patrick Lynett et al., State of Oregon, January 1 2021

Meteomatics Weather API Connector

Martin Fengler, MATLAB File Exchange, November 2021

Global fine-scale changes in ambient NO2 during COVID-19 lockdowns

Matthew J. Cooper et al., Nature, January 12 2022
paper and Climate Data Toolbox

NASA Develops Early Warning System for Detecting Forest Disturbances

NASA’s Stennis Space Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey
user story, online viewer

Climate Data Store Toolbox for MATLAB

Rob Purser, MATLAB File Exchange, July 2022

Climate Data Toolbox

Climate Data Toolbox, Chad Greene et al., MATLAB File Exchange, March 2019
MATLAB toolbox, Github MATLAB code

SnowClim Model

A.C. Lute et al.,, February 2022
model and data

Climate change impact on flood and extreme precipitation increases with water availability

Hossein Tabari, Nature: Scientific Reports, August 13 2020

How to load weather data in MATLAB

Visual Crossing Weather, June 18 2021
tutorial and MATLAB API