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Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Signals

Signal labeling, feature engineering, dataset generation

Signal Processing Toolbox™ provides functionality to perform signal labeling, feature engineering, and dataset generation for machine learning and deep learning workflows.


Signal AnalyzerVisualize and compare multiple signals and spectra
Signal LabelerLabel signal attributes, regions, and points of interest


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labeledSignalSetCreate labeled signal set
signalLabelDefinitionCreate signal label definition
signalMaskModify and convert signal masks and extract signal regions of interest
binmask2sigroiConvert binary mask to matrix of ROI limits
extendsigroiExtend signal regions of interest to left and right
extractsigroiExtract signal regions of interest
mergesigroiMerge signal regions of interest
removesigroiRemove signal regions of interest
shortensigroiShorten signal regions of interest from left and right
sigroi2binmaskConvert matrix of ROI limits to binary mask
edfinfoGet information about EDF file
edfreadRead data from EDF file
signalDatastoreDatastore for collection of signals
findchangeptsFind abrupt changes in signal
findpeaksFind local maxima
findsignalFind signal location using similarity search
fsstFourier synchrosqueezed transform
instfreqEstimate instantaneous frequency
pentropySpectral entropy of signal
periodogramPeriodogram power spectral density estimate
pkurtosisSpectral kurtosis from signal or spectrogram
powerbwPower bandwidth
pspectrumAnalyze signals in the frequency and time-frequency domains
pwelchWelch’s power spectral density estimate


Choose an App to Label Ground Truth Data

Decide which app to use to label ground truth data: Image Labeler, Video Labeler, Ground Truth Labeler, Lidar Labeler, Signal Labeler, or Audio Labeler.

Radar Waveform Classification Using Deep Learning (Phased Array System Toolbox)

This example shows how to classify radar waveform types of generated synthetic data using the Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) and a deep convolutional neural network (CNN).

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Classification Using Deep Learning (Phased Array System Toolbox)

This example shows how to classify pedestrians and bicyclists based on their micro-Doppler characteristics using a deep learning network and time-frequency analysis.

Music Genre Classification Using Wavelet Time Scattering (Wavelet Toolbox)

This example shows how to classify the genre of a musical excerpt using wavelet time scattering and the audio datastore.

Wavelet Time Scattering Classification of Phonocardiogram Data (Wavelet Toolbox)

This example shows how to classify human phonocardiogram (PCG) recordings using wavelet time scattering and a support vector machine (SVM) classifier.

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