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Convert transfer function filter coefficients to lattice filter form


[k,v] = tf2latc(b,a) returns the lattice coefficients k and the ladder coefficients v for an IIR (ARMA) lattice-ladder filter, normalized by a(1). The function errors if one or more of the lattice coefficients are exactly equal to 1.

[k,v] = tf2latc(b0,a) returns the ladder coefficients where only the first element in v is nonzero. b0 is a scalar.


k = tf2latc(1,a) returns the lattice coefficients k for an IIR all-pole (AR) lattice filter.

k = tf2latc(b) returns the lattice coefficients k for an FIR (MA) lattice filter, normalized by b(1).

k = tf2latc(b,phase) specifies the type of FIR (MA) lattice filter as minimum-phase or maximum-phase.


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Convert an all-pole IIR filter to lattice coefficients.

a = [1 13/24 5/8 1/3];
k = tf2latc(1,a)
k = 3×1


Input Arguments

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Transfer function coefficients, specified as vectors.

Data Types: single | double

Transfer function numerator coefficients, specified as a scalar.

Data Types: single | double

Type of FIR (MA) filter, specified as either "max" or "min". For a maximum-phase filter, specify phase as "max". For a minimum-phase filter, specify phase as "min".

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Lattice coefficients, returned as a vector.

Ladder coefficients, returned as a vector.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a