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Write 3-D point cloud to PLY or PCD file





pcwrite(ptCloud,filename) writes the point cloud object, ptCloud, to the PLY or PCD file specified by the input filename character vector.

pcwrite(ptCloud,filename,'Encoding',encodingType) writes a pointCloud object, ptCloud, to a PLY file that is in the specified format.


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ptCloud = pcread('teapot.ply');

pc = pcread('object3d.pcd');

Input Arguments

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File name, specified as a character vector. The input file type must be a PLY or PCD format file.

For a PLY-file, the pcwrite function converts an organized M-by-N-by-3 point cloud to an unorganized M-by-3 format. It converts the format because PLY files do not support organized point clouds. To preserve the organized format, you can save the point cloud as a PCD-file.

If you do not specify the file name with an extension, the function writes the file in a PLY-format.

Object for storing point cloud, specified as a pointCloud object.

PLY or PCD formatted file, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of the character vector 'Encoding', and a character vector for the file format.

File FormatValid Encodings
PLY'ascii', 'binary'
PCD'ascii', 'binary', or 'compressed'

Introduced in R2015a