Problem 1244. PACMAT - G03 Ghosts use minimum path to PACMAT; 3 Lives

The Classic PACMAN game brought to Cody.

PACMAT requires clearing the board of Yellow Dots while not bumping into the wandering ghosts in 3 lives. Adjacent Ghosts will capture PACMAT. Ghosts do not use the tunnel. On Ghost capture everyone gets reset. These trained ghosts take the minimum path to PACMAT. This is similar to the actual game.

To aid in development of your routine, a PACMAT_Ghosts_003.m file that creates a video has been posted at PACMAT_Ghosts_003.m. (Right click, 'save link as'). Using patches thus enable/figure, disable/video for best results.

Nearest Dot Algorithm (MP4) The ghosts snake. This is actually easier than pseudo-random.

Inputs: Map Definitions: -1=Wall, 0=Empty, 1=Dot, 2=PACMAT, >2=Ghost

Output: Direction Definitions: 1-Up, 2-Right, 3-Down, 4-Left, 0-No move

Scoring: Total # of Moves to Clear the Yellow Dots +(LivesRemaining-3)*100

Near Future: Ghosts that find minimum path to PACMAT assuming other ghosts are walls. I believe this board is unclearable for equal Ghost and PACMAT speeds. Passing criteria and scoring will be adjusted.

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Last Solution submitted on Sep 03, 2019