Problem 42982. Select every other element of a matrix

Write a function called

outMat = odd_idx( myMat )

that takes a matrix, myMat, as input argument and returns a matrix that contains only those elements of myMat that are in odd rows and columns. In other words, it would return the elements of myMat at indices (1,1), (1,3), (1,5), …, (3,1), (3,3), (3,5), …, etc. Note that both the row and the column of an element must be odd to be included in the output. The following would not be returned: (1,2), (2,1), (2,2) because either the row or the column or both are even. As an example, if myMat were a 5-by-8 matrix, then the output must be 3-by-4 because the function omits rows 2 and 4 of myMat and it also omits columns 2, 4, 6, and 8 of myMat.

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