Problem 59084. Count integers in randomized vector that are multiples of a given number.

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The mod() function
We might all remember the days when we were taught to divide and then set the remainder aside if the numbers didn't divide equally.
In mathematics we call the the modulus or mod operator. It is often represented as the % operator, but in MATLAB we have the mod() function. So the above examples look like this:
mod(5,2) returns 1
mod(103, 20) returns 3
We can also use mod() on a matrix.
mod([5 103], 20) returns [5, 3]
In this problem, you'll use the mod() function to count the number of times a number is an even multiple of the elements of a random matrix of integers.
You'll receive 2 arguments
  • vv = A random matrix of numbers
  • nn = A number
function mn = multNumb(vv, nn)
mn = % the number of elements in vv that are multiples of nn
For example
multNumb([1 2 3 4 5 6], 2) % returns 3 (2, 4, and 6)
Write multNumb.
Hint: The numel() function returns the number of elements in a matrix.

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