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Simscape Multibody Multiphysics Library

version (4.97 MB) by Steve Miller
Extend Simscape Multibody models with physical effects spanning multiple physical domains.


Updated 18 Apr 2021

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This file contains a library and example models showing how to extend Simscape Multibody 3D models with physical effects modeled in Simscape. Simple demonstration models of hydromechanical and electromechanical systems are provided to show how to create complete system models to test integrated designs.

Please read the file to get started.

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For R2019a:
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See how to defining bodies in Simscape Multibody by watching this video (5 min):

Try this free, hands-on tutorial to learn how to use Simscape:

Learn more about multibody simulation with Simscape Multibody by watching this webinar

Find other Simscape examples by searching posts for the keyword "physical modeling"

Learn more about MathWorks Simscape Products:

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Steve Miller (2021). Simscape Multibody Multiphysics Library (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (31)

Steve Miller

Added files for release R2021a, including examples that use new 1D-3D interface blocks added in R2021a.

Steve Miller

Hi Andy - did you open the project? That is required to set the path, and it runs startup_sm_ssci.m for you.

Andy Jiang

Hello, Steve
I am running into an error using Hydraulic Actuator Multibody. When I start simulation, I get an error message saying "Failed to load library 'forcesPS_lib' ". I have ran the startup_sm_ssci first but still get the error message. Do you know where can I download or find the forcesPS_lib. I use MATLAB R2019a version.

Teruaki Hayashi

Hello, Steve
It takes much time to simulate model with "Rotational Hard Stop Friction"
Calculating speed is e-4 order.
Do you have any idea about this problem?
Best Regards

Christopher Walker

Yes that worked, I completely spaced on running the setup first. Thank you! --Chris

Steve Miller

Hi Christopher - I just downloaded the zip file and tested it and it worked fine. Did you run startup_sm_ssci first? That script builds forcesPS_lib.slx --Steve

Christopher Walker

Hello, I am running into an error for an unresolved library link for the 2017b Example, Joint Limits and Friction Methods in a Hinge. For both of the Joint Actuation and Transform Sensor parts to this example, neither of the Friction or Hard Stop blocks work, and instead display the message: "Cannot find library called 'forcesPS_lib'.". I was really hoping to use these blocks for my project, and I would be very delighted if I could receive some assistance with this matter. --Chris


Steve Miller

Hi Abdullah - can you email me directly with the steps you ran that produced this error? Don't post the steps here, it will be confusing for others. I cannot reproduce this error. --Steve

Abdullah Al-Azzawi

Hi Steve,

I've got this warning while adding he library, I'm using Matlab R2017b btw.

"Warning: Function power has the same name as a MATLAB builtin. We suggest you rename the function to avoid a potential name conflict. "

any ideas please ?


Uriel Ruiz

Hello Steve!
Could you please send me the Multibody Multiphysics library for matlab R2019b?
My email:
Thank you!

Please Steve, I am a university student, and this version is not required, you will help me, please.

Marcos Robein

Hello Steve!
Could you please send me the Multibody Multiphysics library for matlab R2015a?
My email:
Thank you!

Joslyn Garcia

I have 2019a. The startup file only opens up matlab and doesnt download. why is this?

Chaitanya Nawale

Hi Steve, Would it be possible to please send me the version for MATLAB 2016a? My email is you so much....

Christopher Bitikofer

Megan Carey

Sorry typo on the email... Dear Steve, this library looks great. Would it be possible to please send me the version for MATLAB 2015a? My email is Thank you so much.

Don Yeo

@steve - okay, it's working now. Thank you!

Steve Miller

@Don Yeo - did you run startup_sm_ssci.m first? You have to run that before opening the examples, as it adds the library to the path.

Don Yeo

Hi, I am unable to run the examples as the error message shown was unable to find the forcesPS_library. Can anybody assist me on this please? Thank you.

Meriç Selim Sipal

Steve Miller

@Elisa - custom joints can be created by chaining joints together, as long as the set of joints does not create a degree of freedom with no inertia that can rotate/translate freely with no inertia. This library would help you add custom forces to a joint, to create something like bushings in your car (permit some movement, but not completely free).

bing liu

Elisa Panero

do you think that with the support of this library/interface I could create a custom joint from my own?
Why I cannot look at the source code of multibody blocks (for example joints)?

thank in advance

Vasco Lenzi


Shouvik Das

Very detailed and contains multi domain simulation. Good pacakge

Guihai Luo

Really helpful. Thanks


This is really helpful! I'm surprised this functionality is so hard to find, and not included in the SimScape Library.

Karthik Nagendra

Sorry found it

Karthik Nagendra

Cylinder_Lift/Translational Simscape Intf'. I get an error saying failing to load that. Where can I download that from?

Wolfgang Garn

Great video - beautiful models.

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Created with R2021a
Compatible with R2015a to R2021a
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