RoadRunner Scenario


RoadRunner Scenario

Create and play back scenarios for automated driving simulation

Interactively Design Scenarios

Place vehicles, create paths, and set map-aware conditions and goals using an interactive editor. Create user-defined actions using custom parameters.

Support Complex 3D Road Scenes

Create scenarios that automatically adapt to scene changes.


Export to ASAM OpenSCENARIO® V2.0 and V1.x formats. Import trajectories from OpenSCENARIO V1.x and CSV files.

Control Scenarios Programmatically

Use the RoadRunner API to parameterize scenarios, load scenarios into different scenes, and create variants for simulation and export.

Design MATLAB and Simulink Actors

Use MATLAB and Simulink to customize the behavior of actors, like vehicles and pedestrians, and actor groups, such as a truck with a trailer.

Cosimulate with CARLA

Synchronize scene content and actor poses, and customize actor behavior with CARLA.

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