IEC 61508 Support in MATLAB and Simulink

Model-Based Design is used for developing embedded software in the automotive, industrial automation and machinery, and other industries and application areas. Engineers use Model-Based Design to produce software that complies with IEC 61508 – a functional safety standard. These applications need extra consideration to address the constraints imposed by the standard and to produce the required evidence to demonstrate compliance.

IEC 61508 was developed for the industrial automation industry, but derivatives for other industries such as rail (EN 50128), medical (IEC 62304), and machinery (IEC 62061) exist. In automotive, the international standard ISO 26262 is used for the passenger cars segment. IEC 61508 is still used for commercial vehicles – especially off-highway vehicles.

IEC Certification Kit aids certification for IEC 61508 and its derivative standards including ISO 26262. It supports Embedded Coder and Polyspace code verification products.

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