Utilities and Energy


MATLAB and Simulink for Power and Control Systems

Study, design, and operate tomorrow’s grid infrastructure

Scientists and engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to perform power system studies and coordination analysis, design power system equipment, and develop control algorithms.

With MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Perform system feasibility and grid integration studies using prebuilt functions and apps
  • Automate control system parameter estimation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Simulate performance against grid code and ensure production goals are met
  • Perform EMT simulation and harmonic analysis to identify and mitigate power quality issues
  • Design equipment and develop control systems
  • Deploy developed code directly to real-time and embedded systems

“We record frequencies on the grid, inject them into our Simulink model, and compare the simulation results to the actual system response. With Simulink we can continually calibrate and improve our model, and ultimately improve the accuracy of our reserve estimates.”

Heidi Heath, Transpower

Microgrid System Design

Microgrids support electric grids by enabling the integration of DERs such as solar, wind, and energy storage. Microgrids help add resiliency, reduce risk, and optimize energy. Develop simulation models of microgrid systems and other physical assets using Simscape Electrical and develop control strategies using MATLAB. Explore system operation by running simulation scenarios in parallel with just a few lines of code.

Microgrid System Design

Real-Time System Simulation

Real-Time System Simulation

Develop large electrical and hydraulic system simulation models on your desktop and then deploy them to Speedgoat hardware using Simulink Real-Time. Perform hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing of control systems ranging from hydraulic control to PWM control to supervisory control. Manage your real-time simulation in the desktop environment and analyze your results in MATLAB.


Power Plant Model Validation

Replay synchronized measurement data from multiple grid events or use baseline test measurements to compare simulated responses with real responses. You can also both automatically and manually adjust system parameters to match your simulated responses with real-world responses. Validate individual components or the full plant, and record the validation process through automatic report generation.

Power Plant Model Validation

Power System Equipment Design

Use Simscape and apps to develop physical models of equipment as well as design and test control algorithms. Explore design trade-offs through simulation and apply design optimization across multiple operating scenarios. Automatically generate production-ready code and deploy it onto embedded processors.

Control System Design

Use Model-Based Design to accelerate the design and delivery of large-scale, grid-connected inverter products and develop battery management control systems amid frequently shifting market requirements. Use Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink to model power electronics and control systems, run simulations, and generate embedded code.