MATLAB Online Server

Specifications and Limitations

General Limitations

The following MATLAB and Simulink features and commands are not supported in MATLAB Online.

Product Limitations



  • Only some functionality through the command-line access to Simulink, via the sim command, is supported.

Supported Toolboxes

MATLAB Online supports the following toolboxes. Exceptions, if any, are listed below. 

Parallel Computing

Product Exceptions

Parallel Computing Toolbox


MATLAB Parallel Server


Math and Optimization

Product Exceptions

Curve Fitting Toolbox


Optimization Toolbox


Global Optimization Toolbox


Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • MuPad Notebook and functions that interface with it

Mapping Toolbox


Partial Differential Equation Toolbox


AI, Data Science, and Statistics

Product Exceptions

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox


Deep Learning Toolbox


Reinforcement Learning Toolbox


Text Analytics Toolbox


Predictive Maintenance Toolbox


Code Generation

Product Exceptions


  • MATLAB Coder app
  • Configuration parameter dialog box
  • coder.screener
  • MATLAB Coder interface for Deep Learning Libraries Support Package
  • MATLAB Coder Support for Raspberry Pi
  • Deep Learning code generation for MKL-DNN targets

GPU Coder

  • GPU Coder app
  • Configuration parameter dialog box
  • coder.screener
  • GPU Coder Support Package for NVIDIA GPUs
  • Deep Learning code generation for TensorRT targets

Application Deployment

Product Exceptions

MATLAB Compiler



  • Graphical interface for packaging tools for add-ons and MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK is not supported.


Database Access and Reporting

Product Exceptions

Database Toolbox

  • Database Explorer

Signal Processing

Product Exceptions

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Filter Builder app

DSP System Toolbox

  • dsp.AudioFileReader
  • dsp.AudioFileWriter
  • audioDeviceWriter
  • C/C++ and MEX code generation from MATLAB algorithms in DSP System Toolbox
  • Simulink blocks in the DSP System Toolbox library
  • Filter Builder app

Phased Array System Toolbox


Wavelet Toolbox

  • waveletAnalyzer App
  • waveletSignalDenoiser App
  • signalMultiresolutionAnalyzer App

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Product Exceptions

Image Processing Toolbox

  • implay
  • immovie
  • Image Segmenter
  • Image Region Analyzer
  • Image Batch Processor

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • vision.VideoPlayer System Object
  • vision.DeployableVideoPlayer System Object
  • Camera Calibrator
  • Stereo Camera Calibrator
  • Training Image Labeler

Control Systems

Product Exceptions

Control System Toolbox

  • Simulink blocks

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox


Model Predictive Control Toolbox


Robust Control Toolbox


RF and Mixed Signal

Product Exceptions

RF Toolbox


Wireless Communications

Product Exceptions

Communications Toolbox

  • RF Propagation functionality


Product Exceptions

Aerospace Toolbox

  • aeroDataPackage
  • Aero.FGAnimation
  • astfganim
  • Aero.VirtualRealityAnimation

Computational Finance

Product Exceptions

Econometrics Toolbox


Financial Instruments Toolbox


Financial Toolbox